The First Community-lead, Security DAO Providing A Complete Defi Security Solution, Conflict Free! Accountability Beyond…



Truth Seekers emerged in the midst of a defi security vacuum. Other KYC & Audit firms were littered with fake promises, substandard copy and paste analysis, and obvious conflictive interests. The naked TRUTH was, the job just wasn’t being done RIGHT. We believed that we could provide world class security that can be a cut above for both client and investors alike. Our entire framework will revolve around our Bylaws:

100% Selective
We believe the only way Truth Seekers can provide world class security with Accountability BEYOND is to simply NOT work with everyone. Defi is the wild west and often a scary place. Most firms will provide service to anyone who has the money, but to us its far more than that. Having a Truth Seekers Audit/KYC means that you were hand selected by every member of our advisory board. We believe that closely scrutinizing our clients will result in top shelf projects coming through. You can apply for services but you MUST be selected.
Never Take Payment In Native Tokens
This one should be obvious, but sadly it isn’t. Security and KYC firms are taking payment for services in the native project token, which is a blatant and laughable conflictive interest. How can these firms provide objective security when they NEED the project to succeed? Truth Seekers will NEVER take payment for security in native tokens. Remember: Accountability Beyond.
Trustless KYC
Often times projects will use ancillary, non active team members to “Bite The KYC bullet” in turn, keeping the core decision members identities anonymous. In order to obtain a Truth Seekers KYC you MUST have 100% of your team verified, and it must include a full stack developer AND CEO. If you prefer to have your leaders work in shadows, you will NEVER have a Truth Seekers KYC. This will be supplemented with our wallet watcher software to verify OWNERSHIP.
No 3rd World Countries Without Disclosure
We understand that this may rub some the wrong way, but let us explain. We are aiming for Accountability Beyond. The only way to achieve that, is to ensure that there will be consequences for bad actors. Most 3rd world countries will not prosecute, let alone have any type of cyber crimes division. If you are in fact in a 3rd world country but would like to obtain a Truth Seekers KYC your country of origin will be disclosed.
We Reserve The Right To Reject and Retract a Truth Seekers KYC/Audit for actions Unbecoming
Just because a project has obtained a Truth Seekers KYC/Audit doesn’t mean that they are without accountability. We expect the protocols we work with to conduct business in a professional manner both in and out of the discord. We want to work with projects that understand that investors should always be treated with respect and dignity. Hence, if we see any behavior that’s in violation of our conduct manual, or unbecoming of a Truth Seekers Audit/KYC we reserve the right to reject an retract.
Asset 1@3x 1


Our team of highly skilled, and experienced engineers will analyze all on chain contracts for possible attack vectors, exploitable vulnerabilities, and overall malicious code that could put investors at risk. We will work closely with each protocol to ensure these issues are resolved and fixed.

Our Process will be the 4 R’s










This a full scale Identity solution in which Truth Seekers plans to make the new standard. We will conduct a KYC that consists of CORE MEMBERS that directly interact with the contracts. We will do an in depth interview process to ensure that these core members are in fact who they say they are. We will verify this with multiple pieces of governance and address Identification. We will then store and protect the information in offline cold storage using encrypted devices in 3rd party bank vaults. Once the information is processed it is removed. The security of our clients is paramount, which is why we will protect it with multilayer levels of authentication.




In-depth identity verification



We believe in the power of community, which is why Truth Seekers will be the FIRST SECURITY DAO. We want Truth Seekers to deliver a unique growth opportunity for its investors. Imagine being an owner of Certik from the start? Truth Seekers will offer a deflationary token that will INCENTIVIZE holding. As the company grows, so do you. There will be an initial public offering and extremely LIMITED supply. Holders will have governance over company matters and enjoy unique benefits in profit sharing. Truth Seekers plans to market the likes of which no one has seen. We will have an ARMY of influencers, most of which have already aligned with the company. We will also have EXTENSIVE partnerships with many top 10 protocols, Dex’s and Launchpads. This Dao will grow massively through top notch security service, and a community of dedicated holders


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Public ICO

About Truth Seekers Investments

Truth Seekers is the next generation of security and investment project all wrapped into one. Imagine owning a stake in Certik and Obsidian Council on day 1? Imagine an investment VC that vets projects that come to them and picks only the best ones to invest in. Certik alone is now valued at over $1 billion in market cap with only $21 million in sales last year. Being an Audit / KYC project opens Truth Seekers to the huge market potential of great seed investments we will have access to first. The fact we will KYC and see these projects before anyone else is a massive advantage we plan to use

Truth Seeker Investments

We will be investing in Validator Nodes that are usually too expensive for normal investors to buy. Most validator nodes cost from $15K to $150K per node.

We plan to buy AVAX, FTM, DAG, and ETH validator nodes. For example ETH needs 32 ETH per node. We plan to take these profits from these nodes and other investments that average investors can’t make and buy back Truth Tokens with 80% of the profits.

How Truth Token Works

The Truth Token is a Defi revolution. Taking the best from successful projects and making it better. There will be NO Buy tax, and a 5% Sell Tax. 2.5% will be sent to a burn wallet, and 2.5% will be sent to the Truth Seekers Treasury. Why have a sell tax? The reason is because Truth Seekers wants only long term holders. After 12 Months the 5% Sell Tax will be lowered to 0%. Thus incentivizing long term thinking and quality investors. In that period of time we believe Truth Seekers will have burned a substantial amount of tokens with this tax and would be generating enough revenues to buy back substantial amounts of Truth Tokens each month.

Deflationary Tokenonomics

Truth Seekers will use a portion of net profits after expenses to buy back and burn Truth Token. Truth Tokens will have many mechanics in place to make it deflationary on day 1.

Truth Token Community Driven Utility

It was important for Truth Seekers to make sure the community profits from all aspects of the project. This includes Truth Token liquidity.

Truth Seekers is not just a KYC and Audit company. Its vision is far greater, its plans are to become one with the Crypto economy

Analytics Arm

Truth Seekers will be the first crypto project to release security ratings on projects. This report would be first available only to Truth Seekers premium paid members. Then 7 days later only small parts will be published online. This will be a huge advantage for Truth Seekers premium members.

These reports are very expensive and very detailed. They take on average 60-80 hours of work and cost from $10K to $20K per report, plus $5K a year renewal fee. We plan to make these reports standard for any projects that wants to gain high investor confidence.

Top rated projects Truth Seekers will try to secure seed rounds for Truth Seekers premium members. Our whole goal is to make Crypto safe, and give back to the Truth Seekers community.

Community Voting

By being community owned means you have a vote. Any subjects brought to vote will burn any tokens used to vote. This will ensure people read and understand the impact of any vote that takes place. These tokens will be burned and added to the burn wallet.

TRUTH TOKEN - Store of Value

Truth Token will become a massive store of value and investments in Crypto’s long term potential. Everything Truth Token will do will be to store more value for its holders.

Road Map

2022 - 2023

Road Map

2022 - 2023

Q3 – 2022

  • Private Seed Round
  • Blockchain & Data Integration Partnership Onboarding
  • R&D Budget inception
  • Development and Rollout Strategy

 Q4 – 2022

    • Announce Tier 1 Partners
    • Full Scale Marketing Blitz (over 4mm subscribers)
    • Capital Raise and Truth Token Launch
    • Team & Infrastructure Expansion
    • Execute Sales Revenue Strategy for Bass Line Security Products (Audits, KYC)
    • Take Delivery on MVP For Proprietary Automated Security Products (Dashboard, Identification Mgmt, Multisig MGMT, Liquidity Mgmt)

 Q1 – 2023

    • Continued Marketing Blitz
    • Take Delivery Of Lending/Borrowing Proprietary Risk Analyzer
    • Advance On Data Integration through GIACT
    • Major Exchange Listings
    • Continued Aggressive Sales Expansion

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